Know Why you Should Choose Earthaa?

Know Why you Should Choose Earthaa

The fate of the hospitality sector has been in jeopardy since the lockdown started. Be it holiday homes, vacation homes, or holiday villas, there has been no guarantee or safety to be found. However, there is a light at the end of a tunnel. Earthaa Escapes is the light needed by the hospitality sector. Earthaa Escapes believe there is a better way to travel. Earthaa Escapes provides a hassle-free and luxurious way of exploring fresh places and creating memories to live by with your loved ones. We provide exciting holiday homes, vacation home rentals, holiday villas, and much more for you and your family. Our team at Earthaa Escapes has over 100 plus years of experience and has curated the perfect living for you. With exciting holiday homes all across India and stellar guest reviews, Earthaa Escapes is awaiting you.

Luxury Home Stay

The price of a luxury home is expensive, but it is the right price to pay when one wants to spend an ample amount of time with their loved ones. Earthaa Escapes’ luxurious private villas are the premium experience curated in your comfortable living. Our pristine locations, such as Mashobra, Goa and Delhi, are filled with amenities of your wanting. Our homes and villas are carefully curated, as per your taste.

Curated Experience

When you’re on a vacation, you need do not need to move a muscle. Earthaa’s only motive is to satisfy its customers’ every need. Your vacation is for you to relax and bond with your loved ones, which is why we provide the best-curated experience for you. Earthaa Escapes curates the best possible experience for our benefit. Earthaa believes in a friendly word of mouth and our happy, loyal customers have been vocal about the magnificent experience and memories created in our homestay and villas.

Full-Service Hospitality

After working 365 days of the year, you need time off and someone to do the chores for you to relax. Earthaa Escapes is the hospitality service for you. The most important aspect in the hospitality sector is to be humble to our customers and treat them like a part of our family. Earthaa experiences have excelled in the art of hospitality and provided a warm, soothing ambience for our customers and their loved ones, such as friends or family.

Privacy Guarded

The world of technology and science has advanced way beyond our human capabilities. You have your full interest and attention when you do not have your phone around you. In today’s day and age, privacy is a myth and security can be hacked in at any moment. Earthaa escapes, allowing you to escape from the web of the internet and relax, enjoy your vacation with your loved ones with no interruption from the outside world.


The time you spent with your loved ones is the time you bond with them. No amount of money can bring back the time you missed with your loved ones. So when it comes to choosing a holiday home, vacation home, or holiday villa, choose Eartha Escape.