How to Find Safe, Hygienic & COVID-Free Villas Across India

How to Find Safe, Hygienic & COVID-Free Villas Across India

India stood still on march 23rd when a nationwide lockdown was announced. Various travel plans in places like Goa, Shimla, and more with luxurious beach houses, villas, and hotels were all locked. It’s been almost two years, and COVID is still in the air. In the wake of the global pandemic, we have put our life to a halt for a long time. As things are getting back into action, with the declining COVID cases. The world has restarted, and it’s time to resume your plans before covid. But how can one select the hotel or villa of their choosing that is safe, hygienic, and COVID-free?


Who would have thought carrying a small packet or bottle of sanitizer would be so vital to travel? No one. Today, each traveler carries a sanitizer in the fear of keeping one safe from making unknown contact. Sanitization is the primary precautionary step that every hotel, villa, and room should mandate. Every room must be sanitized before and after the check-in and check-out period. Travelers must sanitize themselves whenever they enter a room.

Social Distance

Ever since the pandemic began, we all have missed the social vibe in offices, malls, and other common spaces. It was here when the virus spread the most. The most important tool is to maintain social distance. The distance required to maintain is 6 feet is required. This will help travelers to travel without the risk of contacting another person physically and stay away from any germs or viruses they might be carrying.

Low Capacity

Recently, we have seen fewer seats available for traveling. 50% or less will be the required capacity with social distancing measures in action with traveling in groups. However, the same rule is not applied for booking a room, hotel, or villa. Sooner, as things go back to normal, the capacity will be increased.

Health Checkups

A mandatory health check-up for all passengers and staff is a must during times like this. A virus-like this can be caught and place. To ensure that every person is safe, a check you before flights will be in motion from now on. It is better to get vaccinated before making such trips. There are many drives available by the government, and many hospitals have provided the vaccine at a reasonable rate.

Travel in safer zones: This pandemic had affected Major tourist sites and cities. Some major cities are still not safe for travel. Traveling will be allowed in cities and places with the green or orange zone. The approval of zones plays an important factor as it shows the number of active and infected cases in the area. Traveling to the red zone will most likely get banned or travelling to these zones will be allowed under extreme emergency.

It is essential to get vaccinated and look out for rentals, hotels, and villas that follow the guidelines and keep their premises sanitized. We hope you select a safe, hygienic and COVID free hotel for an enjoyable stay.