Exploring Mashobra in Himachal Pradesh

Exploring Mashobra in Himachal Pradesh

There are many tourist attractions hidden in the undiscovered paradise called Mashobra. Every traveler must explore Mashobra on a weekend trip. Apple orchards, pine and oak jungles, colonial architecture, pious temples, utter seclusion, and gorgeous holiday villas are some attractions you can find in Mashobra. So book a villa in Mashobra or a holiday villas cause there are many wonderful things you can do here:


The lush hills of Mashobra are perfect for camping grounds for thrill-seekers. When in Mashobra, you get to enjoy a combination of things to do around like adventure activities, lodging, food, bonfires, and many more services. Mashobra is known for its campaign and it’s an ideal way to beat the heat this summer because it is untouched and less crowded.


Mashobra has some intoxicating roads and can help you create life-lasting memories. The Barmain- Basantpur Road near Mashobra provides the perfect stretch of exciting, yet challenging roads for a fun biking trip to Mashobra. Biking on a treacherous mountain is undoubtedly one of the most fun and thrilling activities to indulge in at Mashobra.


Everyone loves a good trekking trip. For all hardcore trekking fans, towering over the district of Shimla, the Shali Tibba, at an altitude of 9,423 ft, offers scope for trekking in Mashobra. You can trek from Fagu to Chharabra via the Tattapani stream. There is a lot to explore, and trekking can be one of the best experiences in Mashobra.


Mashobra is an ideal spot for paragliding and highly trained personnel, ensuring that the activity is safe and highly enjoyable. Mashobra is one of the best places in India for paragliding and gives you the experience of a lifetime.


Mashobra is a haven for all hardcore birdwatchers. The Reserve Forest Sanctuary houses one of Asia’s largest watersheds that supply water to Shimla. Mashobra is covered in an abundant amount of water and pleasant weather, which attracts several birds throughout the year. Birdwatchers who come to Mashobra, book a holiday villa and can continue birdwatching. One can easily spot the Himalayan eagle, pheasants, partridges, chikors, and many other rare and exotic birds.

River Rafting

Mashobra engages in a dauntless session of river rafting in the freshwater stream of Tattapani. You can drench yourself in the chilling, furiously gushing water of this river, popular as one of the best places for river rafting in India. River rafting is an exciting outdoor activity and one of the best things to do in Mashobra.


During the winter, Mashobra is an excellent place for skiing. Mashobra beats Shimla as being a highly preferred skiing destination due to it being untouched and less crowded areas. The place remains covered with snow throughout winter. This allows the travelers to enjoy the snow in any way they want, be it skiing for adventure enthusiasts, snow fights for couples, or building snowmen for kids.


There are many fun and exciting things to do in Mashobra, and you can create many wonderful memories. So, book a holiday villa in Mashobra or Homestay and have a peaceful and enjoyable stay.

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