Prepare Yourself For A Memorable Homestay Experience

Prepare Yourself For A Memorable Homestay Experience

During our childhood, we have mostly stayed in hotels and rented vacation villas for the entire family. Fortunately, times have changed and gone, or the good old days for hotels and villas. On today’s day, Homestays is the new cool thing which people are excited about, and want to be accommodated in while they are traveling. But what is a homestay?

Homestays can be a separate place or a part of someone’s home that is converted into a hotel. A homestay is like that of a bed-and-breakfast. The homeowners accommodate guests in the family home, or in separate quarters nearby. Nowadays, most homestays provide their guests with the same amount of comfort as a reputable hotel. Here is why you should prepare yourself for a memorable experience at a homestay:

A unique cultural exchange

In India, there’s a saying that goes, “Athithi Devo Bhava”. It means “The Guest is God”. We consider guests as an immense honour and we would leave no stones unturned to make our guests happy. When you are in a homestay, you get to learn and celebrate the cultures of the place you live in. A homestay is a place for you to enjoy the natural scenes and environment of the place you visit. It gives you the feeling of living in peace, harmony, and natural surroundings.

Much cheaper

Hotels can get pretty expensive and the low-priced ones are usually not too clean. Hotels have become prohibitively expensive because of the rise in the hospitality industry. During peak season, hotels could charge you a fortune. However, Homestays offer a clean and affordable alternative with better experiences and prices. While you might pay the same price in some places, but the personal care and experiences are way better than a boxed room. The most pragmatic reason to choose a homestay over a hotel is to make most of your experience during your stay in a foreign land or to explore your culture properly in your own land as well.

Rediscover a country

When you are travelling outside the country or within your own country, a homestay has more to provide you than your average hotel or villa. A homestay allows you to rediscover the nature, culture, and tradition of the locals in the country you are travelling to. A homestay offers original food, places, and stories that make your journey memorable and worth the stay. You get a glorious chance of rediscovering your culture and country, a change that is highly unlikely when you rent a luxury villa or book a hotel.

Gain a new family

Find a home far away from home through staying in a homestay is a good feeling. The host families can become one of the biggest reasons to visit again and again as you get to create memories with them and learn about the family and their culture. Living in a family environment can help foreigners feel at home in a foreign land and help them combat any feelings of homesickness.

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