Top 6 luxury vacation villas in Goa

Top 6 luxury vacation villas in Goa

Goa is the most happening destination in India. Goa is a place of beauty and has the most popular locations to visit and explore with friends, families and loved ones. The beaches and sunset of Goa are hypnotic, and one cannot miss out on the luxurious seas food provided by the west coast. Goa is a hotspot for the hospitality industry and there are many beautiful rentals and luxury vacation villas to stay in and explore the beauty of Goa. Today, we discuss some of the divine luxury vacation villas in Goa.

Summertime Villa

The people love summertime Villa. The owners of the villa have spent an enormous amount to make it the most private and luxurious villa in all of Goa. The design is extremely elegant and modern, with various amenities to enjoy a grand stay in Goa. The villa is also filled with a plethora of books, movies and games for the visitor’s entertainment.

Villa Alina

Another no-expenses spared luxury villa in Calangute is Villa Alina. This was initially built in 1926 and visitors have been enjoying this location for over fifty years. The villa has grown since its creation in the late twenties and they have added many modern amenities and comforts since. The villa has plenty of space for over a dozen of people.

Frangipani Villa

Frangipani Villa is a gorgeous Balinese-style classic villa. A crowded flea market surrounds it on Wednesdays. This villa comprises three floors where the first floor includes living spaces and a swimming pool. There is a master bedroom and balcony to see the beautiful sunset and sunrise. The owners have spent a lot of time redecorating and adding pieces into the villa from across the globe.

Coco Shambhala

Coco Shambhala is a very well renowned villa and has often been featured in magazines. These villas aim to provide a personal, unique guest experience. These villas are filled with specialised amenities such as a private pool and tropical gardens. There is an Ayurveda spa in the villa which can be accessed by the guests at any point in time.

Little Siolim

If you are looking to rent a villa in Goa with friends for a time away from the city life, Little Siolim is the perfect place for you. This place is almost two centuries old with a Portuguese touch. The architecture is Portuguese mixed with Sri Lankan and Asian designs. Little Siolim was recently renovated in 2017 and it is an ideal destination for a group of friends.

Little Paradise Cottage

Little Paradise Cottage is a soothing and rejuvenating cottage in Goa. There are several yoga retreats and trendy cafes and restaurants to indulge in this area. The Portuguese cottage has been totally transformed and now caters to the need of the visitors in Goa. There are facilities such as a plunge pool and a patio which can be enjoyed by people of different ages. It also includes an extensive collection of books in the reading room. So next time you rent a villa in Goa, think of Little Paradise.

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