Top luxury villas for rent in Delhi

Top luxury villas for rent in Delhi

Delhi is a beautiful city with different types of people, places, and food. Delhi is filled with stunning locations to explore, and a lot of political movements have taken place in Delhi. There are many things about the capital of India which make it special and closer to our hearts. Today, we will show the tourist side of Delhi and the top luxurious villas one can rent when visiting Delhi.


This top-rated villa is nestled on a secluded side of South West Delhi. Aanandum can teleport you to a serene getaway and give you an experience of a lifetime. The best part is you can do it without having to leave the city. The villa is developed with tremendous love and care for over 30 years and each part of this villa has a story to share. It is around 4.5 acres and comes with beautiful lawns, private pools, an amphitheater, and bonfire pits. The property is best suited for a large crowd like getaways, social and corporate events, hosting bachelor and bachelorette parties, hosting family functions like Mehandi, Haldi, engagement, and weddings. There are three large bedrooms and five bathrooms in the villa. It is also equipped with all the modern facilities to cook and clean.


Birdsong isn’t a musical vocalization of birds. Birdsong is an actual villa located at Asola farms in Delhi. You can rent this entire villa that is artistically beautiful in every way, filled with the lush gardens of the Asola Bird Sanctuary. The farmhouse features 5 fully functioning suites covered with modern decor, a grand private pool, a dedicated workspace, a fully equipped kitchen with dining area, a spacious living room, picnic area with patio, bonfire, and barbecue facilities to unwind with nature, away from the hustle-bustle and noise of the city.

Hostie Subhadra

If you are looking for a gorgeous villa for the perfect getaway, Hostie Subhadra is the villa of your dreams. It is located between a lush green garden and an amicable atmosphere. The villa offers the perfect and comfortable stay for all its guests. The villa has 4 well-furnished bedrooms which accommodate almost 15 people without any troubles. It is an ideal location for hosting small or medium gatherings, parties, and events. The villa comprises a lavish outdoor pool, patio, banquet facilities, dining area where fresh homemade meals are served, jacuzzi, and barbeque area. Chhatapur mandir, one of the most known temples of Delhi is less than 8 km away from Hostie Subhadra.


India is filled with various beautiful states, stunning locations, lavish delicacies, and places to explore. Delhi is not the first location that comes to mind when we talking about traveling to a new destination, but Delhi is filled with many scenes and great food for its visitors. So next time you plan a holiday, think about booking a luxury villa in Delhi and spend some time to know the place and make memories. You will be amazed at what Delhi offers!

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