Mashobra – A complete travel guide

Mashobra - A complete travel guide

Mashobra has been a favorite place among various important people over time and has maintained its reputation. Currently, it is one of the two presidential retreats in India, the other one being Rashtrapati Nilayam in Secunderabad. Each year, the president of India visits Mashobra at least once and during this time, his entire office is shifted to Chharabra, near Mashobra. Someone originally constructed the building that houses the retreat in 1850.

Mashobra is a favorite spot for tourists in India. The ideal way to spend time in Mashobra would be to rent a villa or book a holiday villa to truly enjoy your vacation. Today, let’s discuss the exciting activities and possibilities of visiting Mashobra.

Why Visit Mashobra?

Mashobra has housed many important people as it is on the outskirts of Shimla and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a quiet town hidden under trees and snow and it maintains its peace and harmony. Mashobra is a perfect place to spend some time away from city life. It is away from Shimla, but it offers the same activities and views minus the crowd. If you want to avoid crowded places and spend some time in peace, you need to rent a villa in Mashobra and enjoy your vacation.

How to reach Mashobra?

Mashobra is a very well-connected town and you will have no difficulty getting here. Mashobra is located in the hills and road is your mandatory option to reach Mashobra. You can catch a train or flight, but it won’t straight away take you to Mashobra. You can get down to the nearest location and still travel by road to reach Mashobra.

Shimla is the center point between you and Mashobra. The nearest bus stop would be Shimla, at which point Mashobra is nearly 11 kilometers away. There are many buses that can take you to Shimla, but there are no one-way buses from your location to Mashobra.

Similarly, the same situation arises while traveling through trains. Shimla is the nearest railway stop as well. Mashobra is located deep in the hills. It is easy to locate but clearly not easy to reach.

Places to explore in Mashobra

Mashobra is a quiet little town known as a holiday destination, but it is not filled with many tourist spots to visit. Usually, people often consider Mashobra as a tourist spot while they come down to visit Shimla. However, there are a few attractive spots in Mashobra. The four tourist spots to visit in Mashobra are The Presidential Retreat, Reserve Forest Sanctuary, Wild Flower Hall, and Carignano. Mashobra is ideal for renting a villa or booking a holiday villa to enjoy the weather and scenic views. If you are a fan of exploring new spots, Mashobra might not be the place for you.


We recommend you rent a villa in Mashobra and enjoy the landscape and warm welcome of the small town. It is an ideal destination for friends and family alike.

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