Top Luxury Villas in Himachal Pradesh

Top Luxury Villas in Himachal Pradesh

An average person works around 330 days of the year. You can take out a couple of those days by national holidays and it still will not be anywhere lower than 300 working days. At the end of the financial year, booking a homestay in India is the ideal plan. There are many beautiful and exotic locations one can explore in India and rent a homestay in India.

Himachal is a prime location that is surrounded by snow-clad hills and mesmerizing scenic views of the mountains. There are a plethora of activities one can enjoy during their stay. There are many luxury villas in Himachal Pradesh which one can enjoy living during their vacation. The best part of Himachal Pradesh is the hospitality. You get to experience the finest hospitality and most humble people in the entire region. Today, we will talk about some of the finest luxury villas in Himachal Pradesh.

Villa Harrington

There are many luxury villas in Himachal Pradesh and villa Harrington is one of those villas. Villa Harrington gives a breathtaking environment filled with a beautiful mountain view to cherish around. Villa Harrington is exclusively located between Barog, a small, beautiful hill station in Himachal Pradesh. The specialty of Harrington is the location. It is situated at an altitude of 5500 feet above and provides excellent services and comfort throughout the year. This luxurious villa in Himachal consists of three bedrooms and it gives off an old rustic feel and looks. The villa has its own private home keeper to take care of the guests and the villa. The local culture and the nature of the surrounding have enlightened the villa and provide a great atmosphere for the guests.

Mount View Villa

Mount view villa is luxurious but well within a budget which can accommodate families as well. Mount view villa is a two-bedroom villa with bathrooms attached. You can see the mountain top and other views from both rooms. You can book your stay accordingly. It is suitable for small and medium families as it consists of two rooms. There are many amenities such as a swimming pool, internet, air conditioning, hot tub, fireplace, parking, and heater available.

Yoga & Meditation Himalayan Retreat

The property is undoubtedly one of the most well-structured, designed, and constructed Villa in Shimla. It covers every aspect of comfort and luxury. The property is located amidst of thick pine forest and takes you away from the crowded tourist posts and city life. There are two spacious lawns that allow group activities such as yoga, badminton, and other lawn-sized activities. There are over half a dozen double beds in this seven-room property of Himachal Pradesh. The villa is completely functional and has a furnished kitchen and family rooms on every floor. There is a 24/7 caretaker available who is also the caretaker of the villa. The city is hardly 10 minutes away from the villa and easy pickups and drop-offs are available at your service. The owners have encouraged the visitors to plan tree saplings. It is an initiative started by the owners to contribute to our nature and the pine forest near the villa. The entire villa is accessible, and the guests can enjoy their vacation.

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