Villas in Goa for Holidays

Villas in Goa for holidays

Everyone has a dream to live a luxurious life. But it’s not easy to own a property. For special occasions in life, everyone wants to celebrate in a different way. A Holiday Villas in Goa is not only for vacation rentals, it is the perfect choice for a bachelorette party, wedding anniversaries, get together and many more occasions.

Villas in Goa are extremely luxurious, you can indulge in a bit of luxury for a few bucks.

If you are finding your villa in Goa, here we share some locations of those Homestays.

  1. Panjim:

Panjim, where luxury meets nature. If you are finding your villa in Panjim, then you will be surrounded by a divine sight of Nature. It is nestled on a hill by the Mandovi river. Villa in Panjim is the world of its own magic. Panjim has a beautiful luxury villa in Goa, where you feel the time, itself slow down. The design of those villas is unique, a beautiful combination of manmade luxury with the lush beauty of the Mandovi river. The villas are furnished with books, indoor and outdoor games. Which adds more beauty to your memory?

  1. Cansaulim:

Cansaulim, where luxury takes you back in time. If you want to reconnect with your soul or those long-forgotten moments of life, then Cansaulim villas are the best choice. Villas in Goa are perfect for a reunion party with your childhood friends or want to spend some quality time with your family. There are some about 350 years old mansions, where you can walk down memory lane. Cansaulim is famous for its ancestral villas. You can experience the sunset views by sitting in the manicured gardens.

  1. Candolim:

Candolim has many villas, which are designed with luxurious pools. You can enjoy the height of the luxury in the heart of Candolim. There are many famous villas, who rent their property to the guests for partying or vacations. A villa with 3-4 bedrooms, beautiful terrace, lounge, private pool area, kids’ zone, outdoor and indoor game zone. What else do you need for your vacations or family functions; you cannot feel this homely at any hotel.

You can cook your own meal or take your chef with you. There are many restaurants, from where you can grab your munching’s. If you want to cook at home, you can. There are no rules and regulations like hotels. You can book an entire villa or property as per your need. Some villas have bicycles, which you used to go out to enjoy on Goa nights.

If you are in Goa, I would highly recommend you to book a villa for yourself rather than a hotel. It would be more comfortable and fun with your friends and family. When you come back after enjoying the whole day, you need a home feel instead of a hotel. Villas in Goa are the best choice to enjoy your trip privately and comfortably. It will be cheaper than a hotel. Whenever you travel to Goa, we would highly recommend you to experience villas in Goa.

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