What You Need to Know About Travel and COVID-19

What You Need to Know About Travel and COVID-19

In such troublesome times, traveling has been on hold. Be it booking holiday villas in Mashobra, holiday homes in goa or simply getting vacation home rentals, the uncertainty of the current situation has struck fear into the hearts of many travelers around the globe. However, after the second wave, the number of cases has reduced, and the law has become lenient with traveling domestically. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you’re travelling in such dubious times:


It is risky to travel with no vaccination. There are many vaccinations out in the market, Covid shield, Covaxin, and more. It’s safe to get both your doses before you plan out a long vacation.


It is mandatory to wear a mask in public. There are many countries where masks aren’t mandatory, but they have zero to no cases. It is advisable to wear your mask at all costs while you’re traveling. You can get infected while traveling, without a mask.

Social Distancing

Times have changed and with that, the way we travel and interact amongst people has also been affected. During these days, it’s best to maintain a safe distance from people while traveling. The best distance to maintain is about 6 feet, and minimum personal contact needs to be made.

Health Checkup

Before planning to book holiday villas in Mashobra or holiday homes in Goa, it is important to get a good checkup. It is essential to be perfectly healthy and fit before traveling in such conditions. If you are traveling with your family, every member needs to be tested.

Travel in safer zones

Major tourist sites and cities gave been affected by this pandemic. Even after months of fighting, some major cities are still not safe for travel. Traveling will be allowed to cities and places with the green or orange zone. The approval of zones plays an important factor as it shows the number of active and infected cases in the area. Traveling to the red zone will most likely get banned or traveling to these zones will be allowed under extreme emergency.

Low Capacity

In the future, we will see fewer seats available when it comes to traveling. 30% or less will be the required capacity with social distancing measures in action when it comes to traveling in groups.


It is important to carry a hand sanitizer at all costs. One needs to sanitize after every visit or after coming in contact with another person. Sanitizing is the smart choice in such times, and carrying a sanitizer can help you in every situation. Every hotel, villas, and rental is sanitizing their rooms after each and every visit.


After the dreaded lockdown and pandemic, it is still not okay to travel without a plan. The best way to travel is to follow the above pointers and to be safe at all costs. Things have changed after the pandemic and it is time for us to adapt to those changes and move on with our lives.

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