What is the best time to visit Mashobra?

What is the best time to visit Mashobra

Mashobra is on the Hindustan-Tibet road, near Shimla. Mashobra is a small town known for its apple orchards, trekking, and dense forests of deodars with the tastiest of jams and pickles. The natural vegetation comprises various veggies, fruits, and plants. The wildlife comprises monkeys, Langurs, and the occasional leopard, as well as many bird species such as the Himalayan eagle, pheasants, chikor, and partridges. We bet this would be enough for you to decide to book a trip. So let us find out the best time to visit Mashobra for a cozy vacation.


If you are a fan of snow angels and snowmen, Mashobra in January is the perfect time for you. The time between December to late January is regarded as the dry snow period. It is the perfect time to enjoy the snow-clad region and spend quality time in solemn as this is the time when the least amount of travelers arrive. You get the silence and less crowded in this small town, which offers various activities.


April, May, and June are the peak months to visit Mashobra. The number of travelers and tourist are uncountable as everyone wants to break out the old jacket and enjoy the exhilarating activities. You get to relax on the pleasantly warm days with cooler evenings. When you travel to Mashobra in the month of May, you get to take part in exciting festivals such as Sipi fair and Mahusu festival. The fair is held on 1st May and we worship the local deity with a plethora of activities. Mahasu is celebrated in front of the Durga Devi temple by a large gathering around neighboring areas. A variety of folk dances and music events take place.


July to September is usually considered as an off-season in Mashobra. The number of travelers and visitors reduce as there aren’t many festivals or events happening like in the month of May. The fallout of the peak season is difficult to catch up but there are a few things one can do when they visit in these three months. You can visit St. Crispin’s Church or Regional Horticultural Research & Training Station. You can enjoy cold days and nights and can enjoy the heavy monsoon. The best part about going in an offseason is the discounted prices on hotels and villas to stay.


The best time to visit Mashobra is in late December and early January when the entire region is covered in thick clad snow. The chilling cold with heavy snow will surely remind you of many international locations. There are many activities such as ice-skating and aromatherapies which one could enjoy during their stay in Mashobra. In December, there is an annual ice-skating festival that takes place where you can enjoy the local food and the ice-skating competition.


Mashobra is a lovely place to stay and make memories whether you visit in January or July. The place is alive and thriving 365 days a year, and you can visit it at your convenience.

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