Homestays in India – Tips and Tried Homes

Homestays in India

Finding cozy, green, and affordable Indian homestays with Cordial and fraternal hosts for short and long stay.

We shared many places of homestay in India before, who accommodated in India. But it’s important to understand, what exactly are homestays?

Homestays in India or holiday villas in India, simply refer to the concept of locals opening up their homes for the travellers as a part of their family. They allow travellers to live close to their culture and tradition. Homestays have a lot of benefits; it is good for both the host and the guests. Indians Always believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava”, In homestays, you will feel very close to their tradition.

If You are Planning to Explore Incredible India?

You might be wondering which places you should visit to make your every penny worth it.

Every place has its own popular time to visit, such as during fall, spring, festival time. At this time, Airways and Good hotels always tend to be fully reserved a month prior.

To avoid such a big amount to spend on hotels, I highly recommend you to experience a homestay in India. Plan your travel in advance.

Why Should You Choose Homestays in India?

Real experience of the place

You can feel closely the local culture, traditions, traditional food and lifestyle. When you stay in Holiday Villa, the host opens up his home for you to enrich your travel experience. You can live and feel the tradition and history of that place.

Catering the Budget

Homestays are suitable for every budget. You can choose a low budget homestay or a luxurious villa or palace, choose as per your preference. There are vast options to choose your homestay.

Safe and comfortable

You will feel safer than in a hotel. When you stay at a beautiful place with your family, you will feel at home even after staying away from home. Can feel more connected with your loved ones.

Personalized Experience

The host of the homestay asks for lots of information about the guest before arrival to arrange accordingly. Such as your eating habits, allergies, food preferences, medical requirements and many other additional requirements as per your demand. But you cannot feel this in any hotel.

Forging a bond

Travelling is not just about clicking pictures, recording travel stories or trying new cuisine. It is about getting to know your loved ones or knowing each other well. Sometimes life in a city is different, and it is difficult to know your loved ones closely. Homestays are the best choice for your vacation.

Real taste of traditional cuisine

The food of the restaurant is always the same everywhere. You cannot feel that authentic taste in a restaurant, for that you need to taste local food. Homestays are the best option to taste that authentic and feel their tradition.

Helping the local economy

If you choose to stay at homestays. You will automatically support the economy and provide a chance to earn money for their locals.

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